Community Support

Salt Lake County Jail & Noble Horse Sanctuary

If you've ever been to the Downtown Farmer's Market in Salt Lake City, you may have noticed a booth selling vegetables grown and harvested by Salt Lake County Prison Inmates.   This program, called "The Excellence in Gardening Program," is "designed to instill in inmates a work ethic and teach them job skills as they maintain the jail's 1.5-acre organic garden." 


As any gardener knows, it takes manure to grow a plentiful garden.  That's where Noble comes in.  When our generous donors help provide nutritious and high quality hay to our herd, our herd provides high quality, local manure to the Excellence in Gardening Program.  That manure has got to go somewhere and while Noble plays a small role in the operation of this program, we are so proud to support local agriculture and sustainability.  

KRCL & Noble Horse Sanctuary

A very big THANK YOU to KRCL and all those who donated during the 2014 Summer Community Drive!  You helped Noble purchase a lot of delicious and nutritous hay.  It just goes to show that a little goes a long way.  Thank you again from the Noble herd!

Mark Miller Subaru Partners with Noble

In May, Noble was selected as one of five charities to participate in Mark Miller Subaru's annual "Do Good Feel Good Event".  Mark Miller Subaru helped raise over $5000 for Noble.  We were thrilled to be able be participate in a community event like this.  Many thanks to the Mark Miller team and for all they do for the non-profit community in Utah.