Noble Horse Sanctuary is very grateful for the support we have received from our donors and volunteers who help care for the Herd. The horses are all doing well and are enjoying their life at Noble...because of the generosity from our community. 

Noble is an all volunteer organization and all donations go directly to the horses.

We are devoted to seven beautiful horses and all but one are seniors. Noble is not taking in any new horses this year, as we are at maximum capacity for our resources. We are dedicated to taking care of the horses and want to make sure they have all they need in their golden years. As horses age and maintenance and emergency costs soar (our vets are always called without hesitation when there is a need)...we fulfill our commitment made to each horse when they were rescued.

It is a pleasure every day to care for the them the life they deserve...and it's only possible because of friends like you. Thank you for your support and generosity. Your donations provide the best care for these beautiful sweet deserving horses.

Please consider making a donation today!



Catherine Kirby, Director

Noble Horse Sanctuary



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