Update on Louise & Thelma

It's simply amazing how much progress these mares have made!  They have put on a substantial amount of weight and their feet are finally on the mend.  And now that they have some energy to expend, they're turning out to be quite frisky!  Many, many thanks to all those who have contributed to this success story.  With your help we have built two new paddocks and shelters, purchased a winter wardrobe to keep Thelma warm, and provided lots and lots of hay, shavings, and senior feed. 

New Mares Join the Noble Herd

On Aug 24 two new horses arrived at Noble. Both mares came from a place of severe neglect and cruelty. Watching them unload brought tears of sadness and joy.  They couldn't roll in the soft dirt fast enough.  They promptly had a lick of salt, a long drink of water and then devoured their lunch.  These horses have lived in filth without much food for years and both are very malnourished and have severe thrush in their hooves.  We hope to bring them back to health in a safe and loving environment.  Please donate today to help us feed these mares and provide them with the medical care the need.

Welcome Lady Jane!

Noble took in Lady Jane in early 2015.  We're glad she's joined the herd and we look forward to having her around.  Read more about Lady Jane

Get to know Noble, courtesy of SpyHop!

Noble Horse Sanctuary is focused on reducing the cruelty and suffering of horses. In accordance with its mission, Noble Horse Sanctuary will rescue, provide emergency relief, rehabilitation, life long care and adoption of abused, neglected and unwanted horses; all with the objective of providing a sound, caring, safe home for the entirety of a horse’s life.  More about Noble...