In 2021, we celebrated 10 years at Noble Horse Sanctuary. On that first day, we welcomed 9 horses that were at serious risk of going to slaughter. Over the years we have given a home to 10 additional horses and said our goodbyes to others as they crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

From the very beginning we have had to rely on hard-working volunteers to gently care for the horses and the generosity of donors like you to make sure the "horses' bellies" are full and their stalls are clean and soft. We thank you for being a part of our herd with your donations to help care for the horses!


Noble's rescued horses continue to require on-going care. From vet care to hay, feed, straw and shavings for their stalls - we are feeling the pain of the increase in cost of goods. Due to the drought, there is a hay shortage, making it harder to find, and prices have increased by 1/3 per bale.

We are asking for donations...even $10 will really make a difference so we can continue to fulfill our mission to provide a safe and caring environment for these rescued horses for the entirety of their lives.


Please consider making a donation today!



Catherine Kirby, Director

Noble Horse Sanctuary


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Remembering Thelma...

Thelma was surely our miracle horse and the best years of her life were spent at Noble Horse Sanctuary because of our volunteers and donors.


Thelma arrived at Noble Horse Sanctuary in 2015 with her partner Louise...they were both starved to a point that our veterinarian had doubts that they would survive - but boy, did they both thrive!

With a lot of hard work from volunteers and determination from Thelma, she was able to enjoy the last years of her life loved, without hunger and with a clean, warm bed to rest.


Thelma reminded us why our mission is so important - to rescue horses that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. To give them a life-long home and care for them for the entirety of their lives and to bring awareness to the problem and promote proper equine care.


Louise is doing well after the loss of her long-time buddy Thelma and is getting to know the other horses at Noble Horse Sanctuary better.

Take a look at Thelma & Louise and their first day at Noble Horse Sanctuary August 2015...

Many thanks to Noble volunteer, Joshua Samson, for the creation of this video.