Our Mission

Noble Horse Sanctuary is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) non profit focused on maintaining horse welfare by reducing the cruelty and suffering they might endure.  Noble Horse Sanctuary will rescue, provide emergency relief, rehabilitation, life long care and adoption of abused, neglected and unwanted horses, all with the objective of providing a sound, caring, safe home for the entirety of a horse’s life. Additionally, Noble Horse Sanctuary plans to promote equine education, proper care and awareness through volunteer programs and community outreach, in an effort to reduce and prevent the likelihood of equine neglect and cruelty.


Noble Horse Sanctuary will accept horses intended for slaughter, horses in need of emergency assistance and from animal control agencies. The rescue and long-term care program is operated by volunteers and funded through donations.


Noble Horse Sanctuary will also attend equine related events (ie: fairs and expos) in order to educate the public on equine neglect and cruelty, as well as promote our efforts and mission. Through these events, annual fundraising efforts, a consistent public relations program and volunteer recruitment, Noble Horse Sanctuary’s intention is to encourage people to donate horses they can no longer care for to rescue or adoption programs, like Noble Horse Sanctuary. Funds raised will be primarily from donations and grants.



Rescued horses that are sound and appropriate candidates for adoption will be advertised on the Noble Horse Sanctuary website and equine related adoption sites. (ie: www.petfinder.com) Contact information for adopting horses will be located on the website. Adoption fees, which will range from $250-$500, will be used to cover the costs associated with a pre-purchase examination by a licensed veterinarian. Adoption fees will also exceed the price being paid for slaughter horses. Potential adopters will be asked to participate in a pre-adoption period where we can determine if the horse and adopter are the right fit.


Horses that are rescued with enduring medical conditions, physical impairment, old age or are not sound will remain in the care of Noble Horse Sanctuary where they will receive proper treatment, medical attention and support for the entirety of their life. In keeping with our mission to provide life long care of the horses at our facility, we will not take in more horses than our volunteers and facilities can accommodate.


At Noble Horse Sanctuary, we are offering horses a home regardless of their medical condition or adoptability.





Many thanks to Noble volunteer, Joshua Samson, for the creation of this video.  www.joshuansamson.com